tea fix

Call me a sellout. The former cheapster now feels at home at coffee shops. Maybe I should decorate my room to look like one (jotting down To-Do #000839×31).

It’s not to drink coffee though; I’m in the mid of trying to be a tea-drinker. Just a shift of mindset, I guess. It all started with that first sip of Coffee Bean’s Chai Tea Latte (behold power, for those yet to be bewitched), but I’m trying to take it in without sugar & milk. A slow, but progressing, process.

Maybe it’s just something with getting older that you start to appreciate what’s bitter. Fresh milk over Nido. Dark Chocolate over Baby Ruth. Heartbreak over illusions. You get the drift.

4 thoughts on “tea fix

  1. “…heartbreak over illusions.” waah san nanggaling yun? bat napunta dun mula sa nido?? haha.ako din, umiistarbak dahil ka-adik ang chocolate chip. o isang paraan para sabihin sa sarili ko, “paksyet umaasenso ka na! dati, gulaman lang sa SC ang trip mo a!” haha.


  2. nyah, nagiging habit ko na rin ang Starbucks/coffee shops/whatever hehe. i can’t believe we can finally afford habits like this haha 😛


  3. tons: haha, onga eh. shockers, lumalabas nanaman pagka-angsty ko. must be from reading the poems na ginawa ko nung HS. eeeeek.rina: i know! haha. dati talaga, kukwentahin ko pa kung ilang mocha java na sa mini stop ang mabibili ng isang kape. but no, ngayon, utility-based calculation na to. naiintindihan ko na kung bakit therapeutic mag-coffee shop sa gitna ng nakakabangag na linggo. hehe.


  4. for some reason addicted ako sa sbc. baka attachment na lang.tea is for the sick! haha, can’t imagine a day without coffee, or the day i’ll be reduced to drinking tea. parang ang dating pinagbawal sayo ang lechon tapos lugaw na lang pwedeng kainin


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