To be or not to be

one of the greatest appeals of getting a new job in a foreign country is the chance to reinvent yourself. frankly, my plan was just to be stupid but happy — the type you’d never mistake to be that cranky workaholic in her past life. work was just work, and after my 9-to-5 desk job, i’ll either jog, dance or cook. i didn’t even bother to correct people when they call me by my full first name (which i never allowed others to do before); it was all part of the show. yep, to be mediocre but happy.

but i guess God just wasn’t ready to give up on me. nosiree. i’m still thinking if it’s a blessing or a challenge, but by some stroke of luck, i landed in company whose management style wasn’t far from HP’s. that means flat hierarchy, proactive initiatives, WLB, but also the high-stress, high-expectations environment that comes with the perks.  i wanted to keep a low profile, to be that officemate you never realized you worked with until after about 2 years when she resigns, but maybe that’s just not in the cards. it’s like that chore that you try to avoid but secretly like, the chore that always comes back for you.

the Man Upstairs sent an angel to give a pep talk during our onboarding, and she made me think about reconsidering my play-stupid plans. honestly, she managed to awaken in me something i thought was doomed to die. thank You, Lord, for this wake up call, for making me realize that maybe i can be happy, but not totally let go of who i am. hopefully, i can do enough to show You that i really appreciate this.

whoever you are right now, ROCK THE PART.

wherever you are, you’re right where you should be.

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