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Adventures in Mandarin: The Vid

There’s hardly anything sweeter in life, than finding more than a few kindred loonies to enjoy it with. This first trip to mainland China is definitely one for the books; if you want in on all our equally-loony adventures, check out my posts over here. For now, play the vid and get ready to say, “Ni Hao!”.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Mandarin: The Vid

    1. Whoo, sama na next time! 🙂 Yeah, so far this one’s my favorite too. Maybe because I had so many willing victims models. Haha!


    1. Sweet. 🙂 If you’re planning to scale the Great Wall (of course you are!), go to Jinshanling, it’s really worth it. Can’t wait to read about it!


      1. I’ve already been to the Great Wall (not sure if I’m going back though) (maybe I will for the photos… haha). Just the street & travel scenes you captured are fantastic, it reminded me how fantastically unique travel in China is. Really good work.


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