Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

Another long weekend well-spent. =) After watching Live Aids just the night before, we whisked ourselves away to Tidoy’s pad in Tagaytay to bum together (couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the time =P). For girls with no plans, we certainly got to do a lot together: .: crashing 2 weddings @ Sonya’s Garden … Continue reading Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

A Day Trip to Montreal

Jackets? Check! Chips? Check! Extra jackets? Check!! Three reasons kept me stoked about this road trip: 1.) After a week of meandering around Toronto, today was my first time to break out of the state of Ontario. 2.) It was my nephew and niece’s first backpacking trip on a Greyhound (yey for adventure!). 3.) After … Continue reading A Day Trip to Montreal