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get high

we’re a generation of stress junkies. yes, work can be a vice. our vice.

free time is not always good. in fact, it can be the most horrifying moment of your life. when the realization slowly creeps that you have no life to go back to. just when you thought you had all bases covered.

tsk tsk.

the amazing race

life is an extreme game.

it’s all or nothing.

can’t trust anyone but yourself.

the wager? life itself. and i guess anything that isn’t worth your life isn’t worth anything.

i want

everything that we do should be done for selfish reasons. wanting to be famous. wanting to be appreciated. wanting to save the world. different reasons, same drive. I WANT.

it’s the only way to be sure that what we do is real. to do with passion and utter stubbornness. it’s the only way everything ought to be done.