up centennial kickoff

i actually had some important tasks & meetings to attend, but the centennial celeb only came once a century, right? so naturally, whisking off our butts to UP came first. 🙂

and it was worth the hurrying, waiting, and eventually missing my meeting. it’s just something about UP — there were no fancy floats, over-the-top decor, or other gimmicks. it was just one huge melee of iskos and iskas, gathering to celebrate, watch and cheer as we experience what can only come once in your lifetime. it was fun to bump into familiar faces in the vast ocean of people. classic Republic of UP – so big and so small at the same time. damn, i miss UP.

and the fireworks were definitely the icing on the cake. i was already expecting something exceptional by UP standards, but this was definitely the best fireworks display i’ve ever seen, surpassing what i’ve seen from fireworks competitions. well, i guess even UP deserves a little extravagance once in a while. once in every 100 years, in fact. 🙂


halfway between petix and motmot

i’ve been known to corrupt the sanity of my peers; i guess i just have that effect. i highly doubt i was put on this earth for humanity’s enlightenment. in fact, i highly doubt that anyone was put on this earth for anything. once you get rid of the notion that we’re here for some higher reason other than our species just refuses to die out, then it liberates you to actually just live. just exist. and just die out like any normal being. none of that messianic gibberish.

spcp cheering time-warp

i just hooked up the new router, so i’ve pretty much spent the last few days surfing at every comfy nook in the house. =)

i was in the mood to watch some dance vids, when i came across some videos of our HS batch’s cheering routines. man, i forgot how the rush felt when you and 100+ of your batchmates get your game on out on the floor. here’s to batch 2002. =)

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