too much time on my hands, eh?

B O London Eye E Kenne\"d\"y question mark ring

then check out Spell with Flickr. enter any word,

and it’ll skim through letter photos from flickr to spell it out. if you happen to not like

any letter, just click on it and the site’ll find another photo for you. cool. come to

think of it, this is good for ransom notes. or fanmail. or whatever.

what, still bored? i got some more sites left, although i haven’t checked out some:

Online photo editor. Very handy.

30 gig Mail service. Yep, it’s yet another email provider, but this one lets you see from which countries your emails are coming from thru a map. :p

Up for some karaoke? This site lets you sing, record and playback your fave songs.

Online office suite. Handy for cramming.

Online data backup. No more my-pc-crashed-and-it-had-my-thesis-on-it! excuses.

this is what you get when you put a restless loony in an office.

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