2011 and Bugsy

Coming across Paulo Coelho’s story of Ali, Aydi and the fire of friendship, I immediately thought of this gorgeous throng of kindred spirits from childhood that I am blessed to have. As 2011 was the year I was reunited with my blood sisters, I felt that 2011 was also the year for another batch of my sisters — Bugsy. The year that just had past … Continue reading 2011 and Bugsy

shout-out for 1984 kiddos

the thing that i love about hanging out with Team Bugsy are the zany theories we throw at each other, ranging from the hands-down-insane to the this-might-be-worth-taking-a-look-at. during one of our bouts during the long weekend, a friend piped up with this conclusion — there are no good-looking guys born during our year, 1984. okay, okay, before the hostile reactions, i admit that this might … Continue reading shout-out for 1984 kiddos

Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

Another long weekend well-spent. =) After watching Live Aids just the night before, we whisked ourselves away to Tidoy’s pad in Tagaytay to bum together (couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the time =P). For girls with no plans, we certainly got to do a lot together: .: crashing 2 weddings @ Sonya’s Garden (even bumped into Joy!) .: braving the cold with only … Continue reading Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

What’s the deal with me and phones?

I guess some things are just not meant to be. Yep, you guessed it right. In less than a month, I lost yet another cellphone. This September ’08 loss was brought to you by SMB Oktoberfest — mahaba-haba nga yung inuman pagkatapos. To be honest, I lost count of how many phones I’ve said goodbye to (or rather, how many phones never bothered to tell … Continue reading What’s the deal with me and phones?

The Eheads Reunion: An Ultraelectromagnetic Experience

(For the record, I’ve got a lot of unposted entries swimming in my head, but this one DEFINITELY deserves to be jotted down, remembered, and immortalized.) It was a reunion concert, that was for sure, but not just for the Eraserheads. It was for all the 90s kiddos out there, for all the fans and vanguards loyal to OPM, and for all the friends who … Continue reading The Eheads Reunion: An Ultraelectromagnetic Experience

Last Call for Summer

after a testosterone-filled apo trip, i was truly grateful for tidoy’s invite to a chill-ax getaway at subic. we whisked ourselves to this cozy place called Courtyard Inn, which was more luxurious than what i was used to. we had our own beds, cable tv, room service, the works. perfect for the brat within who was crying for some pampering. in truly girl-bonding fashion, we … Continue reading Last Call for Summer

am in one of my rare sunny moods

just came from an all-nighter from tidoy’s. after a mind-numbing week of having actual work at work, it was what i needed. after the expected binging, we had a round of bailey’s and other spirits then we caught up with each other. bugsy’s probably the only group i could talk to so casually & sincerely about the philippine economy, crime rate, hope for our country, … Continue reading am in one of my rare sunny moods

from team bugsy to team bagyo

From jam’s rat-up-your-pants surprise during the ride going to Irosin, I knew this trip was going to be eventful. Surely enough, Caloy greeted us with rainfall on our arrival. Here we were, an overexcited bunch on a getaway five years in the making, and we were welcomed by the rainy season’s first storm. Caloy does not know us very well yet. A storm’s not enough … Continue reading from team bugsy to team bagyo