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i heart.

a ‘hearts’ post THIS near to february? coming from me? the world must be coming to an end.

the topic’s usually too sappy for my own taste (oh spare me the accusing looks), but this was too astonishing to just brush off. i came across a post of heart-shaped natural features found in the planet — islands, lakes, forests, you name it. awesome, right?

the first one’s an island called Galesnjak in Croatia, the second one’s a heart-shaped mangrove in New Caledonia, while the last one’s a real forest in Cantabria, Spain. amazing. maybe we can have heart-shaped rice terraces. anyway, if you want more, just click over here to get bowled over.

[nerdox post] Xobni: Friendster for your Outlook

My Outlook’s on steroids. Seriously.

If you’re like any other IT yuppie, then my guess is that the bulk of your time is spent writing emails, responding to emails, classifying your emails and yet later, still checking your email client if there’s anything you missed. If your work revolves around your Outlook, then this freeware will do you wonders. Or entertain you, at least.

What’s exactly so wonderful about Xobni, you ask? It’s not that it indexes your inbox and enables email searching at Google-pace. It’s not being able to draw stats about your email and email buddies, such as who are your top 10 correspondents, the top 10 people who respond to you the fastest, even your peak email hour/day/week/month [according to Xobni, 11 pm Tuesdays = hell for me]. It’s not the profile sidebar that enables you to see each contact, along with your common friends, his email time-habits, your threads and all the attached files in your emails. It’s actually the fact that no matter how shamelessly nerdy you get, it just hooks you in, making you visualize your stats over and over, and you just can’t wait to tell all your email-slaved friends about it.

One downside though — it’s only for Outlook. Well, never were friends with Notes anyway.

If this post wasn’t still as nerdy as hell for you, go check it out or view Xobni’s demo vid below:


Pick-up Lines for the Java Geeks Out There

“Are you an exception? Let me catch you.”

“public class YourWorld extends MyWorld”

“Are you an applet? You make me feel all GUI (gooey) inside.”

“You are my loop condition. I keep coming back to you.”

“Buti pa ang Strings, nag-mamatch.”

“Buti pa ang data type, may value.”

“Buti pa ang Swing components, may Listeners.”

“Are you a double? The thought of you always floats inside my head.”

“Di na tayo kailangang i-cast pa; magkatype na tayo, e…”