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Rethinking the Family Portrait: Our Day at the Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum - Shrink

After several months of not having a single photo together, I’d say my family and I finally got to declare sweet revenge. Two hours, three albums, and 200+ pictures later, we could say that revenge was best served in a myriad of poses.
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Project 366 – 2012: The First Half

Since the start of the year, I’ve been bent on capturing at least a second’s worth of clips each day, so that I can compile it to a 2012-series video, which I can look back to whenever I’m wondering where my time went.

I’m supposed to wait until the actual end of year before I begin piecing the clips together, but just in case we don’t make it past Dec 21, I decided to go ahead and do the first half’s worth. =P

Watching the vids once again brought me to a nostalgia trip, as can be expected. Like that first splash of water at my face in the morning, about a dozen realizations washed upon me as well. Like how everyday can’t really be a spine-tingling adventure, but can still be an opportunity to learn, to rediscover, to reconnect with loved ones and appreciate people and things simply for being there.

This vid is for all the family and friends who have paid me a visit, for those took me in whenever I dropped by, for all those who brushed against my life and made it a bit more interesting. Thank you, I sincerely mean it that this piece of work would have no meaning without you guys.

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147 Seconds on Why I Keep Coming Back for Sinulog

Having been drawn to the island paradise 4 times over the last 5 years, I think I can personally vouch that Cebu is a tried-and-tested fun-in-the-sun destination. Of course, January is a great time to flock to Cebu to join the droves for the Sinulog festival, but Cebu offers a whole lot more: alluring coasts, mouth-watering grub, sky-high thrills, and of course, the people who are gorgeous inside and out.

I rarely get to make vacation mash-ups with my family in it, so this vid was a real treat for me. Now you have solid proof that insanity is hereditary. Enjoy!

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2011’s Gift of Sisters Galore (a.k.a. the ‘Ganda-mo-teh’ post)


In the Gagno residence, we have a gaggle — a gaggle of 5 spunky girls, each of whom went their own way as they grew up, with literally an ocean between them. Yet I would remember 2011 as the year that brought all of us together under the same roof, after 5 long years of never being in the same country. Continue reading “2011’s Gift of Sisters Galore (a.k.a. the ‘Ganda-mo-teh’ post)”


On keeping and letting go

It was during my layover at HongKong that I learned that my father has passed away while I was dozing on the flight back from Toronto. After several episodes of crying in the departure terminal like a heartbroken OFW that had to leave her sweetheart behind, a thought consoled me — in the moments right after he passed away, I was the closest one to him, all the way up there in the clouds.

I’ve been meaning to post the pics below, although I did not imagine I’ll be putting them up now in such a grave light. Continue reading “On keeping and letting go”

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A Pumpkin Tradition in Scarborough

Reunited and goofing around the pumpkins. Photo credit: Ann Gagno Photography

My sisters moved to Canada while I was still groaning about math within classroom walls, so we did miss out on a lot of would-have-been banters and memories revolving around family traditions. It was quite nifty, then, that I got to join in on a sacred tradition my sisters and their Ontario family has followed for almost a decade now — the annual pumpkin carving get-together! Continue reading “A Pumpkin Tradition in Scarborough”


ondoy, unggoy ka.

it’s the ultimate OFW cliche, but it’s so apt i have to say it anyway — ang hirap talagang malayo sa pamilya mo.

i’m at my nth video clip of the havoc that Ondoy wreaked in Manila. flashfloods happening in places where it never happened for the last 20 years. cars and vans floating like Matchbox toys. people stuck in rooftops, waiting for rescue. and all i can do is watch and wait until i hear from my family.

i think everyone is still at a state of shock, that no one has really fully taken in how much devastation has happened. to think that this happens all the time to the provinces, those without twitters and facebook accounts to ask for choppers to come to the rescue. it will take much time for this to sink in.

for the mean time, i’ll go back to waiting word from my home. godspeed, everyone.

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Tres Marias Set Loose in Manila Ocean Park

It’s been a while since our last kids’ day out, so Ate Ting, Ikay (my niece) and I set off for Manila for a fishy escapade at Manila Ocean Park. Apparently, a lot of other kiddies also had the same idea. The place was so packed, you had to get a number, just to BUY the ticket. To give you an idea, the number I got was 890; they were still serving number 357. The three of us let the time pass by gorging on munchies and looking for good photo-op spots.

Finally, we got our tickets and entered the oceanarium. As you may have already predicted, we saw fish after fish after fish after fish. I had fun, though, as I’ve never been in another oceanarium before. The shark tank was a bit of a downer, though; I was hoping to see big ones. However, all in all, since I had Ate Ting and Ikay for company, there was never a dull moment. 🙂

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