Yaya Pen the Hero

The reactions I get whenever I would mention Yaya Pen are sometimes interesting. They’re mostly along the lines of ‘May yaya ka pa?!’. Honestly, I can’t even summon a hypothetical dream sequence wherein Yaya Pen is not in our family; it’s just unthinkable.  Continue reading “Yaya Pen the Hero”



After a brief fling with themed blogs (some of which I’m thankful that no one knows they even exist), I’m back to the original chaos of the me!-me!-me! blog. Knowing how fickle the almighty ‘Net is, hopefully I’ve found the final home for the memoirs I’m looking forward to laughing at when I’m old and gray. It was fun to timewarp through some of my first posts. I realized that nothing really changed much from 2006 to today; I’m still pretty much the same neurotic, chatty me. Only chubbier.

In honor of new beginnings, it may be fit to kickoff this new blogspace with my 2011 resolutions post. Let’s pretend I actually have a good rate of fulfilling my new year’s resolutions (I checked — this is a total fallacy.) Hopefully, when Jan 2012 rolls around and I see this post again, I would have ticked off at least one with a clean conscience. =P

1. Drink milk everyday (and no, Ish, coffee with milk doesn’t count).

2. Blog at least once a week.

3. Run at least twice a month.

4. Learn something new OR do something completely out of character each month. (interesting…)

5. Cook up 2 decent (read: edible & serveable) dishes monthly.

6.  Come up with at least one video every month (12 productions by the end of the year! *fingers crossed*)

7. Read at least 52 books by the end of the year.


Yey, January, for high hopes, wishful thinking and miracles that nobody ever thought would come true! 🙂