After a brief fling with themed blogs (some of which I’m thankful that no one knows they even exist), I’m back to the original chaos of the me!-me!-me! blog. Knowing how fickle the almighty ‘Net is, hopefully I’ve found the final home for the memoirs I’m looking forward to laughing at when I’m old and gray. It was fun to timewarp through some of my first posts. I realized that nothing really changed much from 2006 to today; I’m still pretty much the same neurotic, chatty me. Only chubbier.

In honor of new beginnings, it may be fit to kickoff this new blogspace with my 2011 resolutions post. Let’s pretend I actually have a good rate of fulfilling my new year’s resolutions (I checked — this is a total fallacy.) Hopefully, when Jan 2012 rolls around and I see this post again, I would have ticked off at least one with a clean conscience. =P

1. Drink milk everyday (and no, Ish, coffee with milk doesn’t count).

2. Blog at least once a week.

3. Run at least twice a month.

4. Learn something new OR do something completely out of character each month. (interesting…)

5. Cook up 2 decent (read: edible & serveable) dishes monthly.

6.ย  Come up with at least one video every month (12 productions by the end of the year! *fingers crossed*)

7. Read at least 52 books by the end of the year.


Yey, January, for high hopes, wishful thinking and miracles that nobody ever thought would come true! ๐Ÿ™‚


What’s the deal with me and phones?

I guess some things are just not meant to be. Yep, you guessed it right. In less than a month, I lost yet another cellphone. This September ’08 loss was brought to you by SMB Oktoberfest — mahaba-haba nga yung inuman pagkatapos.

To be honest, I lost count of how many phones I’ve said goodbye to (or rather, how many phones never bothered to tell me goodbye… sniff.). Must be around 10? (Bugsy, how many times did you receive ‘Hi-I-lost-my-phone’ messages?) I can only remember the highlights. Like my first phone — it was a Nokia 5110, lost in MegaMall’s Surplus Shop. I left it in the dressing room, and it was gone when I came back for it. I was crying so hard (in public! Eeeep!). I almost told Tidoy I couldn’t go to her debut because I was too sad. Emo much? Haha!

I’ve been trying to rack my brain, but I can’t remember what phone came after that. I do remember that I had a Nokia 3330, 8250 (I loved this one!), 7250i, 3310, Motorola Slvr L7, Razr… sheesh. I had to look for a visual poster on the evolution of Nokia phone models to remind me. Can’t remember if I ever owned an Ericsson. I do know I had a Samsung something — I was the only one who knew how to send messages with it. Haha.

After going through so many losses, you’d think I’d be more wary. At least I’ve stuck to keeping my phones on a cord, as my sister always reminds me to get one after each ‘na-Ish-nanaman-ako’ moment. It’s happened so many times that no one really in my family really gets shocked anymore when I tell them I lost another one. It’s more like, ‘O, talaga? Text mo, baka isoli. Hanap ka ng lumang di ginagamit. O eto uli number ko.’

Most of the time, I’ve accepted that it’s just this thing with me. Like how some people forget their keys. The most recent loss was the only one that really got me fuming mad. It was the first time that a phone was deliberately ripped off from my pocket. Hinayupak na Jumping Jolog yun; mabangga ka sana ng trak, mabalia’t mabugbog at manatiling buhay. I guess most of the time, it’s not really that I’m too careless; it’s just that I’m too naive that I really do believe that nobody really wishes to do you harm, or nobody really conceives of doing something mean to anyone else. Hay. Right now, I hate the fact that I get paranoid whenever I see groups of Jumping Jologs (or JJs for short). Yesterday, I didn’t know if it was just paranoia or if Sta. Lucia should officially be declared JJ-hotel. I’ve lost that good-old trust in people. Dammit.

Oh well, so friends, you know the drill. I’ll probably be getting around to getting my old number reactivated this afternoon, so send me your names & numbers tomorrow to replenish the phonebook. Thanks guys, and hopefully I can hold on to my new phone for at least the end of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚


spcp cheering time-warp

i just hooked up the new router, so i’ve pretty much spent the last few days surfing at every comfy nook in the house. =)

i was in the mood to watch some dance vids, when i came across some videos of our HS batch’s cheering routines. man, i forgot how the rush felt when you and 100+ of your batchmates get your game on out on the floor. here’s to batch 2002. =)

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Last Call for Summer

after a testosterone-filled apo trip, i was truly grateful for tidoy’s invite to a chill-ax getaway at subic. we whisked ourselves to this cozy place called Courtyard Inn, which was more luxurious than what i was used to. we had our own beds, cable tv, room service, the works. perfect for the brat within who was crying for some pampering.

in truly girl-bonding fashion, we hit the spa, the subic yacht club pool and the duty-free shops. a tiny misadventure was thrown our way though, when tidoy’s battery was discharged when we left the headlights on (funny though, because it was in the middle of the afternoon). mga diyosa talaga ang mga kasama ko — a bunch of guys swarmed & came to the rescue, and even asked us out for dinner afterwards. bugsy, ever so anti-social, opted for a jazz-club dinner & russian-vodka guzzling at our inn afterwards. sarap! haha.

of course, what trip would be without its photo ops? we also swung by zambales and took a quick dip at the sea, to bid goodbye to a glorious summer. for more pics, check out tidoy’s multiply album at http://doyti.multiply.com/photos/album/26. thanks again guys for the great weekend!


as i was scouring for our subic trip pics, i came across some old hs pics from mae & tidoy. can you say, time warp? ๐Ÿ™‚


pag minsan, swerte ka talaga at may teammate ka na magaling kumuha ng picture. mwehehe. some shots of jam’s gig at the HP Q2 Hoola Palooza Coffee Talk, courtesy of the legendary Paul Garcia:


top ten

i chanced upon time’s top ten lists for 2006 and after discovering new books & movies to hunt for, i resolved to make my own lists:

top 5 events of 2006
1. UP graduation
2. bicol getaway
– butandings, bagyo & everything
3. being a new hire@HP
– meeting SWAT, BI/DW, & planning the Nth new hire presentation…
4. jam@hp gigs
– dream come true for a frustrated musician :o)
5. caveman ink
– first serious shot at entrepreneurship. who could forget the binondo adventures?

top 3 songs of 2006
1. alapaap – eraserheads (jam@HP’s first gig)
2. going under – evanescence (rock on, tanya!)
3. kapag nawala ka – stonefree (astig.

top 3 sites i could not survive without in 2006
1. google.com/ig (starts my every day. i swear by it.)
2. youtube.com (to get through my bakit-kaya-wala-akong-ginagawa? moments)
3. deviantart.com (nothing to say but loooooooove)

top 3 discoveries of 2006
1. panic at the disco
2. rockstar supernova (i first watched this while on the treadmill at fitness. i ditched the gym; i’m still watching the videos.)
3. stephen colbert (i just love him, love him, love him.)

top 3 things i miss most in 2006
1. getting up late in the morning
2. card games @ the tambayan
3. catching up with old friends

top 3 things i’m grateful for in 2006
1. P80 dvds (hindi ako makatulog dahil sayo, did you know? buti na lang hindi mo din ako pinapatulog tuwing night shift ko. :p)
2. LNS (wheeee!)
3. friends, new and old (double wheeeeee!)

top 3 lessons of 2006
1. kahit ano pang sabihin mo, family first.
2. regret’s not a bitch. it’s a he.
3. all things shall pass. bloom where you are planted.


twilight zone

By moonlight many years ago,
my true love did I know.
And by that moon I begged her wait,
but that night did she go.
So young lovers heed my words,
don’t squander love away.
The moon is changing ever still,
soon comes the light of day.

did you like that poem? was it a little familiar? if yes… then buko ka na! dawson’s fan ka no? :p it was the poem used for the episode near the finale, i believe. this was unearthed when a friend asked me for the url of a website i made way back.

i’m talking about way back 2nd yr HS, when i first learned how to code html. and you know how thrilling that can be for a geek like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ my (over)enthusiasm was obvious — with the moving marquees, frames, overloaded backgrounds, midis (midis! eek.). it unanimously screams ‘NEWBIE!!!’. picture me cringing right now. yeech.

for the spcp friends who want to take a nostalgic trip, visit ishg.tripod.com/a. while you’re at it, you can visit ishg.tripod.com/parokya and ishg.tripod.com itself for some dawsonisms, quotes, etc. (eeek! so high school!) but don’t say i didn’t warn you. ๐Ÿ™‚