After a brief fling with themed blogs (some of which I’m thankful that no one knows they even exist), I’m back to the original chaos of the me!-me!-me! blog. Knowing how fickle the almighty ‘Net is, hopefully I’ve found the final home for the memoirs I’m looking forward to laughing at when I’m old and gray. It was fun to timewarp through some of my … Continue reading Resurrection

What’s the deal with me and phones?

I guess some things are just not meant to be. Yep, you guessed it right. In less than a month, I lost yet another cellphone. This September ’08 loss was brought to you by SMB Oktoberfest — mahaba-haba nga yung inuman pagkatapos. To be honest, I lost count of how many phones I’ve said goodbye to (or rather, how many phones never bothered to tell … Continue reading What’s the deal with me and phones?

Last Call for Summer

after a testosterone-filled apo trip, i was truly grateful for tidoy’s invite to a chill-ax getaway at subic. we whisked ourselves to this cozy place called Courtyard Inn, which was more luxurious than what i was used to. we had our own beds, cable tv, room service, the works. perfect for the brat within who was crying for some pampering. in truly girl-bonding fashion, we … Continue reading Last Call for Summer

top ten

i chanced upon time’s top ten lists for 2006 and after discovering new books & movies to hunt for, i resolved to make my own lists: top 5 events of 20061. UP graduation 2. bicol getaway – butandings, bagyo & everything3. being a new hire@HP – meeting SWAT, BI/DW, & planning the Nth new hire presentation… 4. jam@hp gigs – dream come true for a … Continue reading top ten