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SWAT invades Putipot and Subic

One thing that I’m really currently grateful for is that I have insane teammates that enable me to hang on to my sanity amidst everything. At work, SWAT is probably known to be a lot of things, but sometimes, you can also get to know SWAT through the things that we’re not:

1. We’re not squeamish about taking our pictures taken. At all. Apparently, this goes for anything and anywhere.

2. We’re not your cookie-cutter team. During this trip, we discovered our superpowers:
Jan – super strength (di tinatamaan)
Jerry – invisibility
Mara – mind control (17, 18, tumbling!)
Me – immortality (never seems to sleep & expire)
Mike – timeshifter (lagi lang ngang late =p)
Noel – magic (eto na yung pulis… engggggg…)
Paul – x-ray & super-zoom vision
Ralph – super-speed (sa paggawa ng docs)
Alex – Sylar, who else?

3. We’re definitely not the shy, strong, silent types. Amidst all the wisecracks and tabloid-worthy headlines we throw back and forth during our meetings, it’s a miracle we still get anything done.

4. If there’s one thing we’re famouse for, it’s that we’re probably not the best choice of companions for someone wishing for sobriety in their lives. (And no, I shall not post our team-building pic proving that. Haha.)

Thanks to Paul for introducing us to Putipot Island, thanks to Paul & Ralph for the awesome pictures, and thanks SWAT for another awesome trip! Sa March uli! =)

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Last Call for Summer

after a testosterone-filled apo trip, i was truly grateful for tidoy’s invite to a chill-ax getaway at subic. we whisked ourselves to this cozy place called Courtyard Inn, which was more luxurious than what i was used to. we had our own beds, cable tv, room service, the works. perfect for the brat within who was crying for some pampering.

in truly girl-bonding fashion, we hit the spa, the subic yacht club pool and the duty-free shops. a tiny misadventure was thrown our way though, when tidoy’s battery was discharged when we left the headlights on (funny though, because it was in the middle of the afternoon). mga diyosa talaga ang mga kasama ko — a bunch of guys swarmed & came to the rescue, and even asked us out for dinner afterwards. bugsy, ever so anti-social, opted for a jazz-club dinner & russian-vodka guzzling at our inn afterwards. sarap! haha.

of course, what trip would be without its photo ops? we also swung by zambales and took a quick dip at the sea, to bid goodbye to a glorious summer. for more pics, check out tidoy’s multiply album at thanks again guys for the great weekend!


as i was scouring for our subic trip pics, i came across some old hs pics from mae & tidoy. can you say, time warp? 🙂


pag minsan, swerte ka talaga at may teammate ka na magaling kumuha ng picture. mwehehe. some shots of jam’s gig at the HP Q2 Hoola Palooza Coffee Talk, courtesy of the legendary Paul Garcia: