twilight zone

By moonlight many years ago,
my true love did I know.
And by that moon I begged her wait,
but that night did she go.
So young lovers heed my words,
don’t squander love away.
The moon is changing ever still,
soon comes the light of day.

did you like that poem? was it a little familiar? if yes… then buko ka na! dawson’s fan ka no? :p it was the poem used for the episode near the finale, i believe. this was unearthed when a friend asked me for the url of a website i made way back.

i’m talking about way back 2nd yr HS, when i first learned how to code html. and you know how thrilling that can be for a geek like me. 🙂 my (over)enthusiasm was obvious — with the moving marquees, frames, overloaded backgrounds, midis (midis! eek.). it unanimously screams ‘NEWBIE!!!’. picture me cringing right now. yeech.

for the spcp friends who want to take a nostalgic trip, visit ishg.tripod.com/a. while you’re at it, you can visit ishg.tripod.com/parokya and ishg.tripod.com itself for some dawsonisms, quotes, etc. (eeek! so high school!) but don’t say i didn’t warn you. 🙂

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