top ten

i chanced upon time’s top ten lists for 2006 and after discovering new books & movies to hunt for, i resolved to make my own lists:

top 5 events of 2006
1. UP graduation
2. bicol getaway
– butandings, bagyo & everything
3. being a new hire@HP
– meeting SWAT, BI/DW, & planning the Nth new hire presentation…
4. jam@hp gigs
– dream come true for a frustrated musician :o)
5. caveman ink
– first serious shot at entrepreneurship. who could forget the binondo adventures?

top 3 songs of 2006
1. alapaap – eraserheads (jam@HP’s first gig)
2. going under – evanescence (rock on, tanya!)
3. kapag nawala ka – stonefree (astig.

top 3 sites i could not survive without in 2006
1. google.com/ig (starts my every day. i swear by it.)
2. youtube.com (to get through my bakit-kaya-wala-akong-ginagawa? moments)
3. deviantart.com (nothing to say but loooooooove)

top 3 discoveries of 2006
1. panic at the disco
2. rockstar supernova (i first watched this while on the treadmill at fitness. i ditched the gym; i’m still watching the videos.)
3. stephen colbert (i just love him, love him, love him.)

top 3 things i miss most in 2006
1. getting up late in the morning
2. card games @ the tambayan
3. catching up with old friends

top 3 things i’m grateful for in 2006
1. P80 dvds (hindi ako makatulog dahil sayo, did you know? buti na lang hindi mo din ako pinapatulog tuwing night shift ko. :p)
2. LNS (wheeee!)
3. friends, new and old (double wheeeeee!)

top 3 lessons of 2006
1. kahit ano pang sabihin mo, family first.
2. regret’s not a bitch. it’s a he.
3. all things shall pass. bloom where you are planted.

4 thoughts on “top ten

  1. at pareho daw kame ng icocomment ni mae — benta nga ang “REGRET IS NOT A BITCH. ITS A HE.” hahaha, in fairness… get ko yun. hahahaha.


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