ramblings on a sunday morning

i’m using the old Tecra laptop. i don’t know how i could have survived college with this. i could race tidoy’s turtle with this and the turtle will win. *gapang gapang* sheesh.


Lord, help me survive the insanity of a Gagno life and the monotony of an Ish life.


pain is there for a reason. it reminds us how good things really are. after all the drama and hullabaloo, it makes us lucid enough to see the bigger picture.


Am currently drowning myself in Pinikpikan & Grace Nono.


i’m no expert in bass, but i could kiss the feet of Kala’s bassist. i play their tracks over and over and it’s all i hear.


I don’t know when I started to forget birthdays. Probably around the same time I ditched my planner & my watch.

Sometimes, I just feel like I’m losing it. Other times, I feel like I make a big deal out of everything (probably more so when I’m bored). But nevertheless, I still feel like I’m losing it.

Eeeek, Ish, keep it together. I better climb something, somewhere soon.

One thought on “ramblings on a sunday morning

  1. haha, winner yung “i better climb something”don’t worry, alcohol will keep you together. Or at least, after a mind-shattering round, you’ll have a reason to reconstruct. 🙂


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