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2011’s Gift of Sisters Galore (a.k.a. the ‘Ganda-mo-teh’ post)


In the Gagno residence, we have a gaggle — a gaggle of 5 spunky girls, each of whom went their own way as they grew up, with literally an ocean between them. Yet I would remember 2011 as the year that brought all of us together under the same roof, after 5 long years of never being in the same country.

With Ate Bot & Ate Yen in my first pumpkin carving photo-op
Playing in the fiery fall leaves in the Moccasin Trail

Seeing us bond over silly girly whatnots once again and whip out a wealth of private jokes like it was nothing, sent me into a daydream of what-might-have-been’s if we all grew within at least the same national soil. But I shook those thoughts away, and I was just utterly grateful that we had this one chance to be together again.  While 2011 dealt our family with one of the hardest blows that we’ll ever have to take, 2011 also made sure that I would not be lacking my source of strength. Despite all baggage, despite all battles said and unsaid, what I’ll remember was that, at that point, there was only love.

Ate Ting's first right in a cable car, going up to Genting
The 'twins' reunited at Ate Bot's gallery exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel

Below are more of my favorite photos with my sisters from 2011, taken from my invasion visit to my sisters 2 & 3’s homes in Toronto, to my random adventures with my sister 4 to, well, everywhere, to our recent ‘reunion’ in our Pasig residence. I can’t stress enough on how once-in-a-blue-moon this phenomenon is. I can’t even believe that all of these pics were taken in the same year. Now, my sister and my mom are here with me in Singapore in time to greet the new year, so I’m ending the year grateful with yet another miracle. Thanks 2011, and I can’t wait to see what you have to bring, 2012!

Okay fine, Ikay, you're my gift for 2011 as well. 🙂
The pre-Halloween photo op with Kuya Jojo... ahoy, matey!
Seeing my first hockey game with Ate Yen in the Madison Square Garden
Random silly pic with Ate Ting
Food trip with my foodie sis at Dundas Square --- yey!
With my mom & sis here in SG. Christmas officially starts now!

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