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A Pumpkin Tradition in Scarborough

Reunited and goofing around the pumpkins. Photo credit: Ann Gagno Photography

My sisters moved to Canada while I was still groaning about math within classroom walls, so we did miss out on a lot of would-have-been banters and memories revolving around family traditions. It was quite nifty, then, that I got to join in on a sacred tradition my sisters and their Ontario family has followed for almost a decade now — the annual pumpkin carving get-together!

My sister's kids and their friends having fun playing with food. Tis the season!

Every late October, pumpkins demand that they be decked and decorated, and my sisters’ family and friends gladly oblige. Ate Yen & Ate Bot would clear out the deck, bring out the carving paraphernalia (i.e. mini-shovels, pumpkin stencils, etc.) and fetch the pumpkins, just in time for family and friends to come over for the pumpkin-pimping fun.

For my first authentic pumpkin-carving experience, I picked out a pretty easy pattern, but it was nevertheless sooo me — wacky shot!

Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?

Speaking of shots, another equally fun activity was the photo-op session after the carving — I think we spent more time in the deck posing around the bedecked produce.

My pumpkin's a hit! Woot!
Trigger-happy til twilight. Photo credit: Ann Gagno Photography

Ate Bot’s birthday strikes on late October as well — another reason to make the tradition more fun. We ended the day gorging on cake & cookies and bonding with the kids (both small and big) over toys, costumes and Wii.

Little Ann doing her little-diva-happy-birthday-profile shot.

Ate Bot has a better account of how the tradition goes — click here to see how she reminisces about nine year’s worth of pumpkin-carving on her own foodie blog.

All set for Halloween!

For more pics, click here.

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