ondoy, unggoy ka.

it’s the ultimate OFW cliche, but it’s so apt i have to say it anyway — ang hirap talagang malayo sa pamilya mo.

i’m at my nth video clip of the havoc that Ondoy wreaked in Manila. flashfloods happening in places where it never happened for the last 20 years. cars and vans floating like Matchbox toys. people stuck in rooftops, waiting for rescue. and all i can do is watch and wait until i hear from my family.

i think everyone is still at a state of shock, that no one has really fully taken in how much devastation has happened. to think that this happens all the time to the provinces, those without twitters and facebook accounts to ask for choppers to come to the rescue. it will take much time for this to sink in.

for the mean time, i’ll go back to waiting word from my home. godspeed, everyone.

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