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hey ya world (finally)


As I’m still reeling from a Chocnut-&-Flat-Tops induced sugar rush, I’m going to take advantage of this sudden urge to type to (finally!) post these imaginary entries that have been piled up in my head for the past few weeks. (whee!)


you can’t help but love youtube. it has done for videos what google has done for, well, everything. want videos of the tv episodes you missed? it’s here. want a break-down of killer dance moves? it’s here. want another run of that SNL skit? guess what? it’s still here. even bored-out-of-my-head videos finally found their place here.

i was scouring for some old 80s & 90s tunes when i came upon this. weird, though, it was the only video for UMD’s Always that i was able to find, perhaps the only video that immortalized what will forever haunt the minds of 90s babies everywhere.


another great site i found was imeem.com, a network for sharing playlists and music. i find the coolest tracks here, and there’s no need to download them and clog the network for i can play them online. check out this link to listen snow patrol’s cover of Crazy In Love (originally by Beyonce) and an acoustic cover of Hey Ya (I swear, I used to hate this song til now).

CS 210 Day 2

brace yourself for a geeky post.

damn it, after 2 years, i never thought this day would come. i finally understood the master theorem!!! at first, i got lost with the deltas, omegas, and approximations [felt a lot like my first Calculus encounter. yeech, not a good feeling.], but later on, lo and behold, it finally made sense! it’s been long since i had a Matrix moment — you know, when things just fall into place.

wala lang, i’m just so overwhelmed i had to jot it down. minsan lang to. haha.

things to do on a free day

i get a giddy feeling when defragmenting. it gives me the illusion that i’m actually making some effort to create a semblance of order in my life (or at least in my hard drive).


may panda bear pala yung kinocross-stitch ko? (yes tons, i’m still at it. haha.)


thank God for StumbleUpon, or else I would have lost my mind. it’s the perfect i-don’t-care-if-hell-breaks-loose-if-i-don’t-solve-this-issue breakaway.

http://www.dumb.com/dumbcriminals.htm – i feel so much assured now. hehe.

http://www.geekologie.com – my favorite geek nook as of the moment. i love the swiss knife couch.

http://www.nostalgiacentral.com/features/20moviethings.htm – apparently, i wasn’t the only one who noticed.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_problems_solved_by_MacGyver – finally! haven’t done reading them all though. ๐Ÿ™‚

yoohoo, tickets, where are you?

it’s a pretty slooow day for the service queue today. all afternoon, i had 8 tickets. the same 8 tickets i had morning, save for two E2E auto-tickets. TWO AUTO-TICKETS?!? come on people, something must be wrong here. our web apps are too quiet…

(haha, i’m not really complaining. i’m just in disbelief. :p )

bored to death? then click away:

need a no-brainer break?

lie-detector manual

is music your life?

kaleidoscope world

ascii image maker

windows auto-philes


i got another cool link! for fellow stargazing geeks, check out http://www.neave.com/planetarium. i wonder if i can get this as a screensaver?


i must say, i’m downright in love with HP right now. it’s my first night stint, i shadow for the 8pm to 5 am shift. after going through hell on tuesday morning trying to commute at 5 am (everyone was going TO makati, kamusta naman?), i availed of the Late Night Shuttle service at HP. as i climbed up the van, the driver started the engine. i asked him, “kuya, tayo lang po?” and he nodded. hanep, it was like having my own van. diretso hatid pa sa bahay. hanep. manong driver, sana yumaman ka talaga.

i also got to work from home for the first time. hanep talaga! i could work draped in the comfort of my big shirt and shorts.

they say i’m just in the honeymoon phase right now. maybe they’re right, but right now, i don’t really care. i’m currently happy with my delusions. ๐Ÿ™‚