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Will Work For Smiles

The myth has been busted — apparently, I am capable of showing up at the break of dawn for work. Today, though, work doesn’t mean putting on a frock and a pair of heels. Instead, I panic-packed several shorts, tops, and of course, our office’s official volunteer T-shirts, all before rushing madly to the airport to make my 6:15 am flight.

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at the office on a friday night

i spend roughly around 3% of my time riding elevators now. it’s getting to be a familiar scene — the elevator doors, the security guard, and the waiting chairs beside him. i glance at the office door and realized that i belonged to the other side of it now. i remember the time when my place was at the lobby — getting a visitor’s pass, rehearsing interview answers in my mind, staring at my rarely-worn formal shoes.

for a moment, it felt surreal.

sometimes, i just feel old.

often, i just feel too contemplative.



i got another cool link! for fellow stargazing geeks, check out i wonder if i can get this as a screensaver?


i must say, i’m downright in love with HP right now. it’s my first night stint, i shadow for the 8pm to 5 am shift. after going through hell on tuesday morning trying to commute at 5 am (everyone was going TO makati, kamusta naman?), i availed of the Late Night Shuttle service at HP. as i climbed up the van, the driver started the engine. i asked him, “kuya, tayo lang po?” and he nodded. hanep, it was like having my own van. diretso hatid pa sa bahay. hanep. manong driver, sana yumaman ka talaga.

i also got to work from home for the first time. hanep talaga! i could work draped in the comfort of my big shirt and shorts.

they say i’m just in the honeymoon phase right now. maybe they’re right, but right now, i don’t really care. i’m currently happy with my delusions. 🙂


fresh from workload management training

this was the sort of things they should have taught way back in high school. i thought i was good at juggling, but boy, was I way behind. we got tips from the pros on how to stick it out in the big league.

i especially liked the idea that saving time was a myth. no one can ever save time; we can only invest in it. this means one should spend time wisely as to spend less time on tasks in the future. bear in mind that it’s a matter of working smart vs. working hard.

handy, eh?