i got another cool link! for fellow stargazing geeks, check out i wonder if i can get this as a screensaver?


i must say, i’m downright in love with HP right now. it’s my first night stint, i shadow for the 8pm to 5 am shift. after going through hell on tuesday morning trying to commute at 5 am (everyone was going TO makati, kamusta naman?), i availed of the Late Night Shuttle service at HP. as i climbed up the van, the driver started the engine. i asked him, “kuya, tayo lang po?” and he nodded. hanep, it was like having my own van. diretso hatid pa sa bahay. hanep. manong driver, sana yumaman ka talaga.

i also got to work from home for the first time. hanep talaga! i could work draped in the comfort of my big shirt and shorts.

they say i’m just in the honeymoon phase right now. maybe they’re right, but right now, i don’t really care. i’m currently happy with my delusions. 🙂

4 thoughts on “starstruck

  1. cool site! pero sana pag nag-click ka ng star na part ng constellation, magco-connect-the-dots siya para makita mo yung buong constellation haha.and it’s good you’re enjoying your job. 🙂


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