mag-aartista ka, kid

i met the most adorable kid during the ride home. i know everyone says theirs is the most adorable kid, but out of all the adorable kids, this guy was the most talkative.

he wasn’t even on the jeep, yet he had us all secretly smiling. when told by his mom to go ahead and climb up the jeep while she paid their fare, he shouted “ma! may driver! ayoko pa, baka biglang umandar!”. once inside, he was told to sit across the free seat from his mom. “ma! gusto ko kumandong sayo!”, he retorted. (i know it sounds whiny, but imagine that it was said in a cute way :p )

talk about being kidnap-prone. he chatted with anyone and called them ‘ate’ and ‘kuya’, he sang ‘makita kang muli’ for everyone in the jeep, and i believe he told everyone about yesterday’s episode of Panday too.

i guess little tykes aren’t so bad after all. 🙂

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