am in one of my rare sunny moods

just came from an all-nighter from tidoy’s. after a mind-numbing week of having actual work at work, it was what i needed. after the expected binging, we had a round of bailey’s and other spirits then we caught up with each other. bugsy’s probably the only group i could talk to so casually & sincerely about the philippine economy, crime rate, hope for our country, basic good and evil, and not let it all be small talk. we could go on all night (actually, we did til around 3-4 am.)

i learned that 2007 was the year of karma. hmm, both scary and exciting. things have been so far good for me; life must have been really bad to me back then. :p

life doesn’t always have to be so hard. it’s a choice. sometimes, a choice to be happy or a choice to be justified. sometimes i can be so stubbornly optimistic — i don’t if that’s bad or good, but it works for me. better to drown in naivete rather than indulgee in self-inflicted pain.

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