i knew i wanted a night out, but i never thought i’ll be here. on a rare whim to go out and get my nails done, tons sent a shoutout for manpower volunteers for a benefit concert for ely buendia. hmm, nails or bands? duh.

an hour later, i found myself going around eastwood with a collection box (how apt, it’s sunday), giving a pitch to people to dole out for ely’s operation after his heart attack. his bill’s beyond 1M, i heard.

collecting was the easy part. trying hard not to get starstruck as you find yourself next to parokya, rivermaya, marcus adoro, dicta license, kamikazee, direk joyce bernal & ricky lee was the challenge. i never was a cellphone junkie, but i never wished so hard for a decent camera phone — most of the pics i took were blurred or beyond comprehension.

collaboration was a concept our leaders today could learn from these guys. someone needs help — lose the ego, let’s get together and do something. these guys were nice enough to squeeze through the crowd and pass the boxes themselves (mike egar, astig ka! 🙂 )

ely was listening to the whole gig from the hospital. to do his part, he sent a message saying that he was going to give half of the proceeds to another charity. wow. i think i never forgave you for leaving eheads, but it must be said, astig ka dude.

rock on.

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