pinoy thoughts on a pinoy day

brain drain. an issue that keeps popping up. it almost makes you want to bawl whenever brilliance flees to greener pastures rather than sticking it out… and you can’t blame them at all. all they want to do is work, and get paid what they deserve. how many of our officials can say the same? sad, sad.


i’m really digging the Apo tribute album, especially the tracks from bands I only heard of now. Sugarfree’s Batang-bata ka pa, Drip’s Kabilugan ng Buwan, Rocksteddy’s Blue Jeans and Top Suzara’s Anna were phenomenal. Did you know that Apo coined OPM? It must be such a high for them to see the pinoy music scene right now and see how far it’s gotten (oh well, except for the novelty genre, i guess…). Mabuhay ang OPM!

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