weekly digest

never had the knack for being gracefully coy. i’ve always been the awkward ugly duckling (of course that statement alone assumes that i have the hope of turning into a swan one day).


old habits do die hard. during my PL/SQL training this week, every time my instructor would mention ‘cursor’, i would knee-jerk-edly reply with a mental ‘SEXY!’.


when you’re drunk, everything comes in episodes.

first is the urge to numb out the pounding in your head.

next you find yourself having one. then one more. then what the heck, one more.

an hour later, you’re tomato-red and constantly denying you’re tipsy.

how did i get here? zone out. pauwi na ba ko?

whoa, projectile yun ah. now my shoes give a whole new meaning to ‘puke green’ (as opposed to Sir’s lumot green shirt).

then wake up (groggily, of course) and pull yourself together for another day for pounding.

* repeat cycle *

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