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feeling light

it’s funny how the sky cleared up looking up from the window in my nook. it was just as i cleared my today-turned-to-do-turned-pending list to just 2 remaining tasks. *sigh* what a relief to reconnect finally with sanity. *pwera usog*

spent valentine’s with bugsy yesterday. yes, love in all its forms is the ultimate refresher.

also had the chance to bond with SWAT last weekend at Vic’s in tagaytay, doing what we all ultimately wanted to do — bum around together. movie marathon + chow + videoke + drinks = happy bum fest. =)

jan, mike and i met up with kian and denise to climb mt. talamitam in nasugbu the next day. what can i say? chow + reststop + photo ops = happy sorta bum fest part 2. :o)

Ish: Tayo ba ang nawawala, o yung trail?
Kian: Hindi tayo nawawala, yung trail yung nawawala!


Want more pics? then check this out:

or check this out:

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