weekly digest 02.25 – 03.03

had one of the weirdest mondays ever. heartbreak’s a weird word to describe it, but it surely is the closest. it’s the feeling you had when you found out for yourself that there’s no santa claus.


went to uplb for the company talk last thurs. haven’t seen so many org shirts in a while; didn’t think i’d miss wearing identical shirts. haha. i didn’t realize i missed the scene that much — the aloofness everyone carries while they walk. that look that says ‘i’m going to change the world, just you watch out’. as jill put it, feeling like an adult without adult responsibilities. hay. oh well. at least i got my original buko pie.


the friday’s ride to the office made it to one of the weirdest fx rides EVER. it seemed that everyone’s cellphone had to go off (including mine, which was at full volume). one girl answered her phone and mumbled something about a hospital. when she hung up, the guy next to her goes, ‘sinong na-ospital?’. she never answered; it was later when i realized that these two weren’t together. how’s that for feeling close? haha. creepy.

also got to know how the local ‘kanto boys’ felt when everyone eyed them. deprived of a life that friday night, we went to the 7-11 on the corner for our ‘lunch break’ and well, let’s just say we hung out. haha. went back to the office, had a round of poker using pushpins for chips. haha. sinong desperado? :op


just slept my whole saturday am. after 2 whole NALA weeks, what do you expect? 🙂

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