free the boyband inside

as with everything you wished to be hidden, it eventually finds its way to youtube. what the hell, since the cat’s out of the bag, might as well put it into good use. if you’re stressed, depressed, or looking for something to laugh at, check our swat’s despedida gift to vic:

i still think that everyone needs to free that boyband inside once in a while, at least for sanity’s sake. to scout for ideas, i actually hunted down blast-from-the-past boyband mtvs. fun. i’ve actually forgotten how 5ive looked like. haha.

2 thoughts on “free the boyband inside

  1. Haha! I finally got to see this. I couldn’t view yung copy ni Mike sa Multiply page nya eh – ayaw mag-load sa PC ko.Wow! Galing-galing nito. :)In fairness, gwapo pala si Mike pag naka-shades. Hahahahaha! (Mike, bayaran mo ako!!!) Uy, magshe-shades na yan umulan man at umaraw. :DJan, sige, emote lang sa glass window – malay mo sumagot yan at maki-emote rin. Haha!


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