i’m outta here

how apt it is that on the exact date of my stepping into the rat race (happy may 15th, everyone!), i took the day off. i dropped by UP to finally submit my MS application, was delightfully surprised to meet Jan there, and then spent the rest of my day at my favorite mall (Divisoria’s 168, of course).

in exactly 6 hours and 21 minutes, i’ll be heading off to Davao to do what I guess every mountaineer has thought of doing some time in his life — climb Mt. Apo. and yep, it has dawned upon me that this may be my last post ever, due to two possibilities:

(1) once i meet the boulders of Mt. Apo, i might not be able to come back,


(2) once i blissfully take a break from reality, in exchange for the terrains of Davao, the sands of Camiguin, and the rapids of Cagayan de Oro, i might not want to ever come back. mwehehe.

wish me luck! (jan, hinabilin ko na sayo password ko ha? 🙂 )


took ikay to her first wall-climb last saturday:

sometimes, there just comes a point wherein we just want to throw all caution to the wind and see exactly how high we can reach. of course, when frustrations surface, you can always delude yourself in the mean time and do it literally. 😛

One thought on “i’m outta here

  1. huh?! what password?!u have to come back, or i’ll follow you in mt. apo (umm even if it takes me a week to climb it!) and drag u back! :Penjoy! mamimiss kta sa office, wala nang labtim si n…oo..eeee…L 😛


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