bizarre, simply

the first days after a long climb are always disconcerting.

like how disoriented i was, given my first full dose of light and electricity i had when i stepped into sm davao fresh from the mountain.

like how i felt i was drowning in pillows during that first night back at home (that was a nice feeling, actually).

like how strange it seemed when i woke up and saw no mud or twigs, not even the roof of a tent; how weird it felt that i wasn’t to spend my whole day trekking with faces that had gotten familiar.

like how odd it was that i was actually getting food and water from the ref. on a whim.

like how i felt i was still cruising through the streets of davao the first night i went out of the house (good thing i’m on night shift this week; the makati rush may actually succeed in driving the still-unprepared me nuts).

i actually don’t know if i feel good or not.

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