ish is crankyish.

it took an hour of wearing myself out on the treadmill to finally knock some sense into me.

i actually thought i got past my ‘moody’ phase. i think i have anger management issues. one time, i’m calm — the next, i’m nuts. at times, when the peeves rear their ugly heads, all caution & rationality goes out the window. i don’t even realize when i’m indulging myself in uber-crankiness, and i just blurt out whatever comes into mind. it’s like one messy hangover, and the guilt afterwards is hell.

i mean, i don’t get violent, but i for all people should know that words could do worse damage. this is for you, all the people who had been unfortunate enough to bump into me during one of my sungit attacks. i sincerely apologize.

sometimes, i get through okay, or i just get away with it. come to think of it, believe it or not, i’m actually an uncomplicated person. it’s just when things like pressure, expectations and feeling come into the equation that i lose grasp of sense. if only things were meant to be uncomplicated. if only questions came with answers. if only we had a unified sense of good. if only good was inevitable. if only your crush had a crush on you too, those kind of things.

damn it, someone please fix me.

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