bangag. don’t ask.

Where does one get wisdom?

Never really been a fan of self-help books. I’m more interested to learn from real people’s encounters, but all these are reactive. Are we doomed to get messed up first, then learn later?

We all wish that it would be that easy — that answers fall into your lap, that the signs you ask for would be as obvious as MMDA’s ‘Walang Tawiran, Nakamamatay’, that every life-altering choice you would have to make could be decided by using some neat, nifty algorithm.

But then again, if it were that easy, then the point would be lost. I guess this is why of all species, we were given minds that can handle complex thought, so that we can cope with inherently being complex beings. Frankly, I wish God gave me a stronger heart instead, so that I can go out there and make the moves that matter, instead of just cowering and surrendering to the hammock of complacency we’ve hung for ourselves.

Why is it so hard to sit still? Why do we always have to question the state of our lives? And why is it that it is almost always certain that the answer will be unsatisfactory?

Sana monk na lang ako sa Tibet. Paging inner peace. Is it only I that think that I seriously need a shrink? Haha.

Don’t get me wrong. I am certain that I lead one of the more interesting lives. It’s one of the millions of more interesting lives out there. The fact is both uplifting and disconcerting at the same times, not to mention enlightening in so many ways.

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