scavenging bookworm

I finally found some time to check out this quaint used books store at the UP Shopping Center, and Lord, I was so happy — I’ve hit the jackpot! It’s dreadful to be cliche, especially about a bookstore, but I felt like a brat set loose in a candy shop.

Left and right, classics and modern takes. Anne Rices. Grishams. Kurderas. Gaimans. Ayn Rands. All for around 50-200 bucks. Whee! It was the first bookstore I’ve been to that has a copy of Erich Segal’s Acts of Faith — it was that heavenly. For my first haul (definitely to be followed by more), I whisked away a George Orwell, an Og Mandino and a Douglas Adams.

I love devouring books — they give me a view of the world I would not get to see otherwise. It’s uncanny, but I get hit by the right dose of wake-up calls I just need during each time, be it new insight or good advice I’ve already forgotten. It’s like travelling — after each book, I come back as a new person. Or an awakened old me. Or even both. 🙂

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