the five people you meet in your head

a friend from work told me that you could only master a maximum of 5 versions of you. meaning, you had only 5 aspects of yourself that you could expect to do well, and anything beyond that will be stretching yourself too thin.

at first, i was a real cynic; being the brat that i was, i didn’t appreciate anyone wagging a ‘general rule’ to my face and telling me what i can or cannot do. why stop at 5, right? who was i supposed to be?

but then now, i stopped to think — what’s so wrong with being flat? maybe i should just reset, start with one thing — just ONE thing — and then be satisfied. if ever later on i should feel that i’m stable enough to add something else on, then it’ll be time to reassess. yep, that’s the safe approach; God knows that some focus would do some good for my heart. Or my sanity for that matter.

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