for a change

i got to take part in a Trainor’s training last week (for which I’m very grateful for); however, as expected of the typical Ish, i found myself totally unprepared for it. i had no training module, i had no slides, all the “training plans” i’ve had had no semblance of, well, a plan. good thing a co-trainee was able to give me some in-house training slides for Goal Setting 101 to work with.

and in the end, it worked out well. i even got sold on my own training — i suddenly had this urge to set some measurable & time-bounded goals for 2008 (sheesh, could i sound yuppie-er?). for someone who never got around to setting goals — whether it was for the new year or for the PPR — this is big. they say that if you broadcast your goals, then you’re more likely to stick to actually doing them, so here goes:

1. Drink milk everyday.
2. Learn how to dive and get certified. (Anyone up for the same thing? =))
3. Run for 10k without stopping.
4. Go to 12 awesome sites in the Philippines I’ve never been before. (I’ve already got 3 down.)

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