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Day 2: Kaladkarin (aka the F1-Poser) Invades Singapore

Awesome seats! Score!

Among other things, KE was dead set on scoring some Charles & Keith shoes, so after a quick breakfast, Ate Ting, KE and I whisked ourselves off to Orchard Road. Not too many stores later, I confirmed that I really was a compulsive shopper, as I bought myself a new blouse even before KE got to pick out shoes. =P We’ve raided Takashimaya Mall, Isetan and Suntec, before KE had her heart set upon the perfect black C&K heels.

Food-tripping is really a treat in Singapore, as you can always find affordable food in their uber-organized food courts. Everything’s already labeled and grouped together — Dim Sum, Vegetarian Food, Indian Food, Thai Food, Noodles — all you have to do is choose! Their desserts were to-die-for as well; KE bought this rich white chocolate brownie, which melted in your mouth, and cakes, pastries and chocolates (Royce! eep!) offered free tastes. It’s enough to drive any sweet tooth crazy from the limitless choices, I tell you.

KE poses for a photo op with fellow F1 fanatics.

The afternoon was set for the F1 Practice Race. Again, as I’ve mentioned, I know nada about F1; KE even printed out handouts for me with the driver’s pictures and everything. 🙂 But the fever tends to be contagious once you find yourself in the midst of all the hard-core F1 groupies. Left and right, the F1 caps/shirts/bags were ubiquitous; seeing people donned in all-Ferrari red from head to foot was not unusual. Groups of fans waved gigantic flags to cheer on their racing heroes. The air was electric from the excitement and anxiety of the first ever night race for F1; this poser considers herself lucky to be part of F1 history. Germans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Aussies, Indians, Brazilians, Filipinoes — it’s a regular UN meeting (or work-conf-call) in here! Vic was right — seeing it in TV was really different from experiencing it first hand — hearing the roar of the motors and squeals from the tires, feeling the ground shake under your feet, anticipating the slam of the car as it goes from breakneck speed to a sharp turn…. these things you can’t get from the tube. I got baptized into the world of formula-racing, and I have KE to thank for something I can tell I’ll be definitely hooked into for the coming years. =)

Want more pics? Then click here!

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