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Day 4: Kaladkarin Goes F1-Crazy in Singapore


Finally, the day of the race! KE, Ate Tina and I hauled ass over to Suntec for the F1 Motorshow. The two cool things I got to do: (1) don a Maclaren jumpsuit and own up to being a poser, (2) watch the car stunts show by world-record holders Russ & Paul Swift (apt names, huh?) and actually get to ride in the car with the stunt drivers! Woot-woo, six bucks well spent! Spent the rest of the time snapping away with the cam and ogling over the race cars.

Slick moves from the Swift father & son duo!

By nighttime, we joined the rest of the F1 groupies at Marina Bay for the historic event. You could tell that KE & Vic, all clad in Ferrari Red, were so revved up (KE finally got to buy her Ferrari cap, by the way =P). I won’t attempt to describe how electric the air was for those 2 hours — ask KE for the recap. =) Here are some highlights though — (1) car crashing right in front of us (yeah, best seats in the house!), (2) me turning into a Lewis Hamilton-groupie, and (3) us joining the rest of the Ferrari fans in utter shock of what happened to Massa and Raikonnen (oh well, crap happens, even in F1).

After the race, we got to stroll on the track proper, and KE and I trooped over to Clarke Quay — supposedly for some clubbing, but MoS was closed. On a Sunday. On an F1 weekend. Go figure. KE, Ben and I ended up gabbing the night way over ice cream at the riverside, which was a nice ending to a hyper-weekend.

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