it’s that time of year…

october — we love it for the beerbash, but dread it for the annual performance review. over at our end, our ratings (& more importantly, our increase) depend on this laborious document called PPR that we have to draft, detailing every itty-bitty achievement you’ve got that screams you deserve a ‘K’ (a.k.a. masokistang-istariray) rating.

i was thinking, if one were to take the work-life balance adage literally, then shouldn’t we make a PPR for life as well? for instance, instead of the ‘Employee’ section, you’ll have one for ‘Peer’ or ‘Person’. or instead of ‘Operational Excellence’, you’ll have one for ‘Existential Feats’, and so on. yeah, yeah, i know i’m being so geeky about it, but i can’t help it — my head’s now spinning with the million analogies dying to make it to this post.

i mean, why not? if you were going to make a PPR for life, how would it look like?

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