Mission Impossible

Mark this day — 1st of February 2009 — as the day we took matters into our own hands. Tried to be more proactive, you could say.

In another sudden bout of insanity, A, R & I bound ourselves to a bet.

A was lose 30 pounds.

R was to find a girlfriend.

I was to get a boyfriend.

First one to do the deed gets treated to a fancy-schmancy all-you-can-eat.

In short, I gambled on doing something that I’m proven to be perfectly incapable of doing for the past 24 years. Oh yeah. Darn it, I’ve never bound myself to a bet that I wasn’t set on winning. I’m a competitive person by nature, and I always knew that would always lead me to trouble. This time, though, it might lead me to something good too.

It’s both nerve-wracking and exhilirating at the same time. This may be the hardest goal I’ve set for myself ever. The gloves are off! One thing’s for sure — this is going to be fun.

The old me never did me any good in the romance department. Maybe getting myself into trouble was just the push I needed.

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