First Night

You know how it feels when you’re in deep sleep, you know you’re dreaming, but you carry on anyway? That’s kind of how I feel right now, except that every bit of it is real.

It’s my first night in SG, and and jitters take over every nerve on my body. You’d think I was going to my first day at high school instead of my first day to report to work tomorrow. Will they be friendly? What if I totally mess up? What if I do something wrong already? What the heck am I going to wear?

Mike, who was unexpectedly part of my welcome party at the airport together with my sister, was able to document almost every step of my arrival  (or rather, almost every detail of my boots =P). My sister helped me unpack my stuff, look for new pillows, basically settle in. M also came along for a recon of my office so I won’t get lost tomorrow, then our trio ended the day with some rounds of brew at Clarke Quay. Day 1, and I’ve said goodbye to hopes of sobriety already. So far, so good.

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