Look up

Note to self — buy an umbrella. This morning, I was caught in my first shower during a commute. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I haven’t missed the company shuttle by a staggering THIRTY SECONDS. And it’s just 9 am in the morning. Great.

Yesterday, apparently a storm was also brewing over Manila. I missed how nice it was to hit that snooze button for that extra 5(/10/30/60) minutes in bed. By now, I would be getting a BCP message to stay in. Jan, I bet, is all giddy and giggly at the office by merely outside at the window.

Things looked up later during the day, however. Fortune was really picking on me, as I got lost trying to attend a newbie training located on another office site — instead of going to One Raffles Quay, I went to One Raffles Link. I finally arrived at the right building, just two stops away, and — lo and behold — it was in front of Lao Pa Sat! Look it up, it’s a well-known haven for foodies. It also houses Mang Kiko’s Lechon. Woot woo! Even if I had to pay double for a plate of lechon manok + sarsang-nilagyan-ng-kanin, it was well worth it.

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