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Kaladkarin Gets a Different Kind of High in Bali

paragliding@timbis beach, bali
28 august 2010
with alex, fed, monn, juric & jen

This is why I go through the painstaking process of editing/obsessing over video clips — so that I can relive breathtaking experiences such as this one. 🙂

Given that we were only there for the weekend, the 6 of us trooped over to Timbis Beach in Bali to try out paragliding. If you want to challenge your fear of heights, then you have to try this — you’ll literally feel the wind beneath your feet. My tandem instructor said that sometimes, it was even possible to touch the clouds (!). If you’re lucky, your instructor will even let you control the chute — I got a crash-course (no pun intended) in navigating the chute left and right, up and down — this is the type of high that stays with you. A definite must-try when in Bali.

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