Going Deal-irious

Hi, I’m Ish and I’m an addict.

Ever since I bagged that first deal out of, I’ve been hooked. They appeared out of nowhere and now they seem to be ubiquitous: group voucher sites that offer up to 95(!)% discount for deals ranging from food to spa treatments, from fitness classes to travel packages — the possibilities are endless. Practically half of my daily email are from feeds from,, — I’ve even subscribed to Manila feeds like &!

And just like a true addict, when the high hits, your tendency is to crave more. I realized I booked a little too much when some of the spa vouchers I’ve saved up for a rainy day were already past the expiration date. *sob* I think I’ve got it under control lately — no matter how tempting, I no longer spring upon the next $20++ 1-hour massage deal that comes my way.

I realize that the point of many of these deals is for establishments to attract and have one-on-one face time with patrons who hopefully will like what they offer and go for a, ehem, long-term relationship. Ever the non-committal (not to mention, cheap-o) Ish, I think I finally got the hang of how to deliver the ‘one-night-stand’ talk (i.e. ‘yeah-the-spa-package-was-nice-but-methinks-that’ll-be-it-for-me speech). However, in return for their generosity (and for me not to feel so bad about ripping them off =P), it may be worth the while to whip up reviews for some deals that I actually did manage to book AND claim.

So for how long will this voucher-frenzy last, I wonder? Singapore practically has as many spas as Manila has basketball courts, so I doubt I’ll be running out of pampering options. Maybe when I find the perfect foot massage that I’ll finally declare my undying love to? Perhaps.

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