While in limbo, write.

(Mauuna na ang side — It must be said that these emo attacks may be actually good for something. The long-dormant, theatrical writer in me is having a feast day; it has been yearning to be indulged, feeling neglected since the Pauliworld days.)

A dark cloud has been hanging over my head since I walked into the office this morning. Yes, it was another Monday; no surprise that I wasn’t turning cartwheels. But this particular morning has been, well, depressing. I could not put my finger on any particular reason — which scares me.

They’re probably going to kill me for calling them this, but I miss having friends around who are as messed up as me. It’s because when I see them conquer the world each day as if it was nothing, it gives me hope. That I can be just as strong. That I can grow even just half the backbone that they have.

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