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My Productive Weekend at the Charles & Keith 2011 Warehouse Sale

My haul from the Charles and Keith 2011 Warehouse Sale
Mine, all mine! *insert evil laugh here*

Hi, I’m Ish and I’m an addict.

Kudos to Charles & Keith for their successful warehouse sale! Moving to the new sale venue at the building’s carpark was a top-notch idea; whoever thought of it deserves a promotion. There was MUCH more room to breathe, as compared to the previous sales. Images of  being buried alive under an avalanche of stilettos and wedges did not distract highly-focused shoppers from zoning in on that perfect pair (or should i say, pairs) to haul away. I think the throngs of Charles & Keith fans who braved the long walk from the Tai Seng MRT would also agree that this year’s merchandise had more variety and was therefore more appealing.

Photography is actually NOT allowed within the sale. I don’t know what happened, but I was just texting and out of the blue, these pictures got taken! Darn random Android glitches. I swear, I don’t know how I got these, but I’m posting them anyway. =P

Charles & Keith's big bright banner heralding the sale, plus a few more snapshots

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