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DJ Bootcamp: Diggy-diggy-aah!

Oooh... what does this button do?

It’s always good to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. I think of it as stocking up my arsenal, just in case my desk job finally drives me nuts and I need to escape to an alternative career.

After an uber-brief stint as a barista, I saw an ad for DJ Live Music Academy and thought it’ll be interesting to take a crash-course on conquering the turntables next. I trooped over their studio at Haji Lane (which also has a strip of quirky boutiques, for all you shoppers).

A classmate dropping it like it's hot.

I knew disk-jockeying was bound to be interesting, but I never thought I’d be so into the lessons! I felt like I hogged the turntable whenever our teacher, Calvin a.k.a. DJ Headline, handed over the reins for us to give the platters a go. Bobbing my head to the beat like there was no tomorrow, I seemed to forget that the equipment wasn’t mine. Soon enough I was flicking all the knobs, switches and faders, mixing one track to the next. It was so fun, I was convinced that I had to get a setup for myself! I could just imagine our our future house parties… level up! Epic inuman! But alas, I quickly found out that it’ll cost me an arm and leg; I guess I’ll stick to the lessons instead. Or maybe borrow a bunch of iPhones and make them loop tracks together. Yeah, that sounds feasible.

DJ Headline showing us how it's done

Another good thing that comes out of taking a random class is that you have more appreciation afterwards for a craft that’s outside your usual sphere. I’m not really a fan of trance nor techno, but after realizing how much talent and effort goes into coming up with the track that’s blended just right, I think I finally found a place in my heart for them.

This is a highly recommended experience; I’m so happy I didn’t pass up on this deal. If you want to give it a go, you can check out their contact details over here, or you can watch out for a promo from the ubiquitous voucher sites online (I got mine from StreetDeal).

Now, what should I take next? Drum lessons? Salsa? Sign language? Thoughts? 🙂

Sneaking in a picture during the lesson

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