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Fall Virgin No More at the Moccasin Trail

Maple leaf shower!

Whoever thought that frolicking through the foliage would count as good-old fun?

Nature's take on monochromatic.

Coming from a place where I only had to mind two seasons (i.e. rainy and sunny), wandering through Toronto during late October truly comes as a novelty for me. During long drives, I can’t help but shout out, ‘Pretty trees!’ more than a couple of times to my sisters, as we pass through panoramas of gold, red and green, stretching on and on along the highway.

Perfect weather for a stroll.

My sisters have been locals of Toronto for years now, but they did indulge me in a walk through the Moccasin Trail off Lawrence Street to see the fall hues up close. Trees would appear as backdrops of bright yellow, but a closer look would enchant you with intricate networks of green, brown and crimson. My favorites are the fiery trees of red maple leaves; I literally just laid down on a bed made of them.

Autumn palette up close.

I guess it’s one of the free treats in life that easily gets overlooked. In the season when greenery can mean red, gold and sienna, what’s not to get thrilled about?

Autumn = awesome!

More photos at this jump!

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