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Catching Our Breath at Paros

Even party girls need some chill-time. After busy, lively Mykonos, the almost sleepy-town of Paroikia in Paros was a welcome breather.

We were booked to stay for two nights at Jimmy’s Hostel, and who else would be the first person at the pier who would greet us? No less but Jimmy himself! Quite a character with his booming voice and ubiquitous grin, he helped us load our bags onto to his van and whisked us off to the apartments, which was only a few blocks away from the pier. 

Tell me, Greece — what kind of magic do you have in these heavenly tomatoes?!

It was apparent that Paroikia was the type of town where everyone knew everyone, as we got a lot of smiles and bouts of ‘Kalimera!’ thrown our way from people who obviously recognized Jimmy and his ride.

Lovin’ the yogurt at Tango Mar

Another perks of the small coastal town was that the beach was only about a 15-minute stroll away from the apartment. And for that extra oomph — over at the Tango Mar restaurant near the edge of Livadia Beach, the sun beds were free! Tango Mar also offered food that was notably delish without burning a hole in your pocket. Yes, I officially declare that we love this town.

On Day 2, we joined a tour group that took us by boat to Antiparos for some of clearest waters I think I’ll ever wade in my entire life. The water twinkled aquamarine in the sunshine; isles of rock dramatically rose from the expanse of sea. Born in an archipelago, I usually am a beach snob, but as for the waters of Antiparos, I’ll have to concede — you’re a worthy adversary.

Aquamarine all the way

For lunch, we stopped by one of the isles. While waiting for the skewers to be grilled to perfection, we indulged ourselves with snorkeling, a short bout of volleyball, and clambering-slash-photo-op over the rocks. Finally, the skewers were ready, and out came the ouzo and wine. Blessed with a perfect day, with the sun at our side, there was hardly anything more we could ask for.

We had to whisk ourselves off to another island the day after, but not before stumbling into another great discovery! As I’ve mentioned, Paroikia was a small town, and after Mykonos, we didn’t really expect much from the town square. Lo and behold, we found ourselves amidst pastry heaven, losing our minds as we swam among the sweet and the savory in what would be the most memorable bakery of our trip (and we’ve been to quite a lot). Their cheese pies remained undefeated even after we completed our Cycladian circuit. In our hurry, I didn’t get to take note of the bakery’s name, but if ever you’re in Paros, just follow the scent (and your heart!) and you’ll know.

Who says you can’t find loads of fun in sleepy towns? 🙂

Pictures galore: 2012-09 Paros – Picasa Album

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